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How do millenials shop wine online?

The online wine market is a giant that flies under the radar. Other industries make headlines, such as Digital Entertainment, online fashion and Las Mile delivery, but the US online wine market shows very interesting trends worth highlighting.

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The meaning of Brand in Wine Ecommerce

Here we go with another wine article. Wine provides an example of a unique balance between industry, tradition, and art. In addition, wine is a pleasure for many, too.

Search Vs. Discovery
What are they and how to differentiate them?

Are you looking for information or the information is looking for you? When we refer to the "search" term we refer to the action of doing anything to find someone or something, in this case in the search context of the internet or in an online store, it’s the action that is carried out in an engine (search engine) in order to find files or documents, products, references or more, hosted on web servers.

Netflix: a good Discovery UX is strategic

A few days ago I had the opportunity to read the first article of a series that my friend Iván Vidal announced for us on LinkedIn. Iván, with the authority that his knowledge and visibility in the sector give him, gave us a great analysis of Netflix’s strategy and the market segmentation they did.
This analysis left me wondering about a couple of points and moved me to investigate and dig deeper. Specifically, the statement that Netflix pursues the strategy of putting UX ahead of content seemed very striking to me.

The innovation behind Visual Finder

In this our first article about Visual Finder, Dani suggested we started with some storytelling, sharing some episodes of our journey. A journey that took us to the patented Visual Finder discovery engine.

Why is your online store not selling?

Do you have a lot of good, well priced and good quality products, but your online store is not selling? It may be because you are not showing them correctly or because your store does not have a good user experience (UX).