Visual Finder is an innovative tool that facilitates the search and discovery of elements within your website through a product showcase and search filters, it is a discovery engine that allows your e-commerce to increase sales and your income.

Visual Finder through its showcase enhances the discovery of all the products in your catalog by increasing the visibility, availability and accessibility of your products, therefore increasing the chances that your customers will find what they need and buy from you. 

Visual Finder can increase your income by 2% to 5% per month. 

In the same way that stores have shop windows, E-commerce need to make their product offering visible at a glance, effortlessly.

The lack of visibility of deep catalogs or with thousands of products is a generic problem.

Let’s think of an iceberg, where only a small part is visible and almost 90% remain hidden; E-commerce behave in a similar way, only a very small part of the catalog is visible and visited, reducing the
sales opportunities.
Offering tools that facilitate discovery can help you to give visibility to the hidden part of the catalog, generating higher income.

Not all users are the same nor are all situations identical, sometimes the user knows exactly what he needs in advance and
a quick text search is enough to find it.

The search demands a query from the user, but this is only possible when the user knows what he wants. At other times the user has the need to discover, compare or access multiple products and understand the offer available to make their decisions.

Visual Finder allows E-commerce to satisfy this unmet need and convert the opportunity into additional sales, generating new income. The broader and deep is a catalog, greater value brings the power to discover.

The recommendation systems are complementary tools to Visual Finder. In most cases, recommendations are presented after a search, and always linked to a specific profile or history from previous searches.
On many occasions, this system introduces an important bias, since you cannot find for what you don´t known and the recommendations end up being endogamous and they contribute to making it difficult to find the products that customers want. Due to the lack of visibility of the catalog and the difficulty to access requires highlighting certain items that are not always ideal. 

  • Increase your sales conversion rate by 200%
  • Increase mobile browsing and purchases.
  • Improve the SEO of the product catalog and your website, making it more attractive to various search engines.
  • Increase sales of low inventory movement products.
  • Increase the traffic of your website or E-commerce, generating more and better data to analyze your users and customers.
  • Faster queries.
  • Blind searches are prevented.
  • Fewer inquiries are generated per product purchased.
  • Decrease purchase time.
  • Savings in the use of resources on your servers.

We envision Visual Finder as a complementary tool to your text-based search and recommendation systems and is not a substitute for your current search engine.

Both tools can coexist in your E-commerce portal.

Visual Finder is a white label product, that is, it can be customized and configured to adapt to any corporate identity.

You only have to add a button or banner to your home page and from there you can access the tool.

The configuration wizard allows you to choose and load logos, icons, colors, backgrounds, sizes, graphic elements and all the distinctive elements of your brand, so that Visual Finder integrates fully with any Ecommerce. Therefore, it does not modify in any way the appearance of its website or the rest of the pages.

YES, Visual Finder offers a mobile-specific view with optimized functionality and user experience, which guarantees high engagement.
Visual Finder is ideal for E-commerce portals that have:
  • Extensive catalogs, with hundreds, thousands or millions of product references.
  • Rich categorization, from 4 search criteria (the more the merrier).
Check HERE our comparative video where we show you the advantages and how Visual Finder works or check our WORKING DEMO HERE.
YES, Visual Finder allows you order the presentation of results according to your business rules or merchandising according to margin, stock, news, campaigns or featured products.
You can integrate it to your web page only by placing a:
  • Button or banner located on the Home page near the search box.
  • Banner or link from any page.
  • Footer or aside of product sheets.
  • Any point in the flow of your E-commerce where it is convenient to offer a discovery experience of your catalog.
It depends on the type of project, for more information send us a message in our contact form below..

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