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Visual Finder: don´t search, find

Why Visual Finder?


Visual Finder boosts e-commerce conversion rates. Maximize your inbound traffic efforts and convert more!

Let them discover!

Discovery made easy! Without recommendations! Visual Finder enables full visibility of your catalogue.

Less clicks

Visual Finder reduces click
effort by up to 80%.
Your customers will search less and find more and faster.

Go mobile!

Visual Finder is perfect for small screens. Enjoy higher mobile traffic and sales.

Long-Tail sales

Customers will discover, find and purchase hidden products: more sales, higher margin​.

SEO enhancer

Visual Finder helps your product catalogue increase its SEO, boosting product and attribute relevance.

Foster loyalty

Your customers will find more and better, enjoy an optimal CEX. As a result, satisfaction, loyalty and repeated sales increase.


Visual Finder delivers amazing filtering power with less effort and more comfort.

Looking for CRO tools? Do you want your E-Commerce to convert more?

You probably spend a lot in inbound but struggle with conversion.

Visual Finder will help you generate more revenues: it cuts click effort by 80%, enables easy discovery and interaction with all your catalogue, powerful refining… the result is a better customer experience and higher conversion rates: pure CRO

You will also see your mobile traffic increase and long-tail monetization will soar

Let your E-Commerce skyrocket with Visual Finder, don´t search, find!

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Let your your WooCommerce skyrocket.

Visual Finder
for WooCommerce
v 1.0

Free for ever!
  • 80% less clicks experience
  • Increase conversion rate - CRO
  • Built-in SEO enhancer​
  • Easy, 3-clicks installation​
  • Responsive Interface​
  • WooCommerce updates​
  • 3 pre-made themes
  • Configurable CSS​


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Visual Finder · Boost your Woocomerce sales